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Nothing matters more to us than your experience. The only thing we love more than fishing southeast Alaska is sharing this incredible wilderness and fishery with our clients and friends. The fact is that getting here isn't easy — or cheap. We understand the commitment you're making, and we're equally committed to ensuring you have a great time. That means not just personalized service from top captains, but also meticulously maintained and fully equipped boats, new high-end tackle each year, and careful processing and packing of your catch.

Port Protection Expeditions

We are the only charter operator fishing out of the remote village of Port Protection on the northwestern coast of Prince of Wales Island, recently featured in the National Geographic television show of the same name. The fishery is as pristine as the surroundings, with not only abundant salmon but also incredible bottom fishing for halibut, yelloweye rockfish, and monster lingcod within just a mile or two of the dock. Uninhabited, rarely visited and breathtakingly wild Kuiu Island is only a few miles farther. Much of its shoreline has quite literally never been fished before. We offer package trips to Port Protection during the month of August for groups of up to eight.

Craig Fishing

Picturesque Craig, Alaska, is home base for some of the finest king salmon fishing in the world. Fish the world-famous Pineapple, Cape Bartolome, and a few more hidden gems with Capt. Roby Medina, a second-generation Craig native who has fished the area commercially and recreationally his entire adult life. We distinguish ourselves with our unwavering focus on the quality of your experience and with our knowledge of these waters.  Meanwhile, our well-appointed boats rigged with cutting-edge electronics and outfitted with top-shelf tackle and gear mean not just more safety and comfort on the water but more fish in the box. We offer Craig packages from early April through the end of July, when we move our boats to Port Protection.


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