Explore Port Protection with the Area's Only Charter Operation

Featured in the National Geographic Channel show Port Protection, this remote outpost on Wooden Wheel Cove on the northwestern coast of Prince of Wales Island lies only minutes from some of the most productive fishing anywhere in Alaska — not just for salmon, but also for monster lingcod, halibut, and yelloweye rockfish.

We offer the only charter fishing available in the area, which is accessible only by boat or float plane. It's not easy operating a lodge and charters here, but the opportunity to share the experience of fishing these pristine waters with our clients and friends is more than worth the challenge.

Fantastic location to fish. Its on the edge of civilization, giving you the real Alaska experience.
— Kevin Sopuch

Fishing Port Protection

Different species of salmon inhabit these waters at different times of the summer. Kings are available year-round and silvers (cohos) usually show up in August. But that's only part of the story. Because bottom species are less migratory than salmon, their numbers and size in a given area are much more easily affected by fishing pressure. That means the bottom fishing out of Port Protection, which experiences only a tiny fraction of the pressure of more established destinations, is truly exceptional, with abundant halibut, yelloweye rockfish and especially gargantuan lingcod.

The remoteness of the area also brings its challenges. There is no easy way to replace gear or get equipment repaired, so we not only make sure our boats are in top shape before making the trip, but also take spares of nearly everything — rods and tackle, fish processing tools and supplies, even gear like downriggers and kicker motors. Simply put, equipment failure will not affect your trip.

Because Underdog Sportfishing holds a NOAA-issued Halibut Charter Permit, you may retain halibut according to the year's charter angler halibut regulations.

We also participate in the GAF (Guided Angler Fish) program. In simple terms, this allows us to acquire for our clients some of the catch share allocated for commercial fishing. Currently, the GAF program offers you the exciting opportunity to harvest two halibut per day of any size until our GAF quota is depleted. Please note that an additional fee of $382 per fish applies for fish harvested under the GAF program. Please see our Details page for further information.

Short Runs and Pristine Waters

One of our favorite things about fishing Port Protection is that we can spend all day with our lines in the water. We sometimes fish as little as 5 to 10 minutes from our dock and rarely more than 30 minutes. We can also fish our protected waters in virtually any weather.

The only reason we run farther than 20 minutes or so is to visit the virtually untouched waters around Kuiu Island, just across Sumner Strait. At nearly 750 square miles, Kuiu is the 15th-largest island in the United States yet home to less than a dozen humans.

The southern portion, which we visit, is inhabited only by black bears (one of the world's densest populations), plus wolves, numerous smaller mammals like beaver and mink, sea otters, sea lions, seals, and whales. The fishing is equally pristine, with hundreds of miles of coves, islands, and points, many of which have never before been fished with rod and reel.

Port Protection Lodging and Meals

Guests stay two anglers per room in brand new lodging above the Wooden Wheel Trading Post right in the heart of the community and overlooking the bay.

Breakfasts are continental-style, and lunches are served on the water. Dinners are prepared from scratch by a professional chef and heavily influenced by fresh local seafood and locally grown vegetables.

Trip Details

Port Protection trips are complete packages that include lodging and meals, foul weather gear, and unlimited fish processing and fish boxes.

Self-guided packages include unlimited use during your stay of our fully equipped 21-foot skiff. Charter packages can be customized with as many or as few fishing days as you want.

Because we know the expense and time involved in getting to Alaska, we offer longer and more flexible trips than the common 3 days of fishing and 4 nights of lodging offered by others. We also strive to keep our pricing extremely competitive and invite you to compare us with other lodges around Prince of Wales Island.

Typically, you'll arrive the evening before you fish, wash away the trip with a cocktail and some fresh local seafood, get a good night's rest, and then spend the next three or more days battling the biggest salmon and halibut on the planet. Departure is typically the morning after your last fishing day.

Please visit our Details and Self-Guided pages for pricing and additional information.